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Health Camp

Our simple, intuitive and flexible platform to set up a health camp. The solution is for various NGO’s, doctors, hospitals, healthcare providers and welfare communities to setup, launch and manage health camp. RxCamp is a SaaS platform that provides end to end capability to manage the complete lifecycle of health enthusiasts and patients.¬† It connects the volunteer doctors, pharmacy, pathology labs, health insurance providers, event managers, welfare societies, NGO’s and even fund raising, charity and sponsors to come together and run successful health camps. The end users – patients find it easy to register, consult and track their medical advise and history. The key features of this platform are:

  • Easy way to setup health camps
  • Simple patient onboarding & diagnosis¬†
  • Easily accessible health history
  • Doctor, pharmacy, home care connect
  • Funding, sponsorship and charity

We give a technology platform for the health care and medical community to connect virtually and physically and make this world a healthier place to live.

Health care delivered

An aware, connected and healthier world!