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Radix LCNC – Low Code No Code App Development

Building software in traditional way is time taking and costly creating dependency on skilled developers and technologists. This is probably the number one reason why most startups and small businesses struggle to leverage technology to grow their business. This is where Low Code/No Code platforms play a big role and come to the rescue. These platform enable the business users to build software apps with little to no involvement of skilled developers.

Radix LCNC  is one such unique offering from us which helps leverage the ever growing Low Code No Code space to build faster solution and PoC for startups and small business setups and departments. Our LCNC methodology helps better engagement of business users/owners to build a working application fast and at a significantly low cost. In fact they can themselves build an app if they so desire. 

We employ business first approach to implement low-code applications for startups and enterprises alike. Our skilled and trained professionals, bundled solutions, process playbooks and dedicated attention helps us build business solutions which are meaningful, flexible, scalable and easy to maintain. We offer below services across a wide variety of low code platforms.

  • Design and Build Web and Mobile Apps
  • UX & UI Advisory
  • Strategic services – PoC, GTM Plan, Business Plan 
  • Training & Coaching
  • Ongoing Support & Enhancements
  • Hosting and Deployment
  • Migration from Low Code to full App


Democratize Programing – FAST GTM.

Use the Low Code No Code methodology to quickly validate your business solution and then further expand it quickly to onboard customers FAST. Leverage the power of fast GTM!