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Radix BOT – Offshore Delivery, Build Operate Transfer

We have over a decade of experience in setting up and running offshore development center using BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) business model. It’s a hybrid option that offers US/UK/APAC based companies to acquire essential Software Delivery capabilities from India and reap the advantages of outsourcing without sacrificing control, time, and resources to build on its own.

We work with our customers to design, incubate, and operate the India software delivery team, compressing the time-to-value period and rapid scaling capabilities while minimizing upfront capital investment.


Build an efficient process to attract, grow and retain the talent pool in India and a stable, cohesive and high performing delivery capability.

Establish, grow and Scale-up Transformational capabilities

  • Local knowledge: We offer knowledge, experience, and capabilities to help navigate government obstacles or cultural barriers.
  • Talent: Mature hiring engine to attract, train and retain excellent talent.
  • Transformation experience: We leverages playbooks based on years of comparable experiences

Retain Control of the delivery center

  • Sourcing strategy: A middle ground on the service delivery spectrum between in-house and outsourced team.
  • Control: Maintain control over operations, compliance, and security while benefiting from the execution and local administration in India.
  • Corporate culture: Preserve the perception of in-house through personalization and branding to foster your core culture.

Shift the risk, uncertainty and costs

  • Risk: Transition the up-front obstacles of developing a captive organization
  • Capital outlay: Lower up-front investment, amortize costs into the beginning stages of the operation.

Time and effort: Scale operations quicker to meet aggressive time-to-maturity and cost-of-transformation goals.

Core Benefits

Helping you establish, scale-up and expand your offshore team in a flexible, aligned and cost effective way.