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Radix Marketplace

Radix Marketplace is a e-commerce solution for unstructured market and solving small-to-mid segment industry requirements especially in the emerging economies. These segments are highly fragmented and yet very manual thus find it very challenging to facilitate transactions and logistics. Our Marketplace solution provides a SaaS based online platform for the buyers and suppliers to perform trade/sale transactions and logistics arrangement.

Our platform offers the customers to customize and set up their marketplace. The custom solution can be delivered in various ways as preferred by our customers:

  • Customized and tailor-made solution
  • Annual maintenance and support
  • Ongoing enhancement and upgrades
  • Hosting of choice (Shared, Private, Public)
  • Integration with existing systems, ERPs
  • Custom Analytics and Reporting

Core focus

B2B marketplace for dealers and distributors to buy and sell raw materials and semi-finished goods.

Marketplace solution of steel Industry

 The main challenges facing in the steel industry trader & retailer are overcapacity, transportation, high raw material costs , storage  and price volatility.
Ferrodeal is a unique application for connecting buyers & sellers in one platform in all steel products. There are many features like a get price quote, order & purchase, trade for scrap, non moving stock, and daily market update. Though Ferrodeal app retailers & buyer can purchase steel products with competitive rate in the market. Availability also ensuring by 99% which is helpful for avoiding fire fighting situations at the plant level.