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Organize Health Camps

We always look for ways to improve the well-being of the communities around us. It helps in engaging with diverse social groups and maximizing our social welfare footprint. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to amplify the goodness wherever we operate, functioning in tandem with community organizations and government bodies that are working to create a meaningful impact in the focus areas of Education, Health, Skill Development, Environment and Relief.

Recently we organised a health camp for industry worker & their family in Palda Industrial Area along with Child Care Educational Society.

Sustainable Environment – Proud Sponsor to build an E-Bike

Tech Radix is supporting the sustainability initiative of our alma mater Jabalpur Engineering College by sponsoring team Erangle to build E-Bike. This environment friendly E-Bike is being built End-2 End by the students of JEC. We along with JEC Jabalpur want to do our bit for the environment and. The JEC student community is inspired to conduct research in various aspects of EVs and aims to take this unique E-Bike to various national and international competitions and auto shows. We are with them as an active contributor, a mentor and sponsor.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Actively commited to our responsibility towards the well being of community in health & education sector.