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Radix Solutions

At Tech Radix we focus on building the right solutions for the SMB segments. We love to discuss ideas big or small, nurture and give life to ideas of yours or ours. We employ business first approach and apply minimalist principles and philosophy to design and develop the JUST-RIGHT business solutions.

We are a next-gen tech company with entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative mindset and a caring heart. Our complete services across Application development, ERP customization, Startup Incubation and Biz-tech advisory offers a one stop solution for the SMB businesses.

Our Vision

Unlock the true power of technology for small to mid sized businesses. 

What We Offer

If you are a small to mid sized company wanting to accelerate your growth by leveraging digital technology, you have come to the right place. Or if you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur or a professional and starting up your business and looking for a partner, an ally or a support who can help maintain your focus on your business, your idea, you can definitely contact us.

We offer end to end services whether you want to road test and launch your business idea or operate and grow your business. We will fill the technology gap, address the business need, through our customized solution for you. We have technology expertise and software solutions, business knowledge and IT infrastructure and digital tools to help you in any phase of your business. We are not a typical outsourcing partner, we live, breathe and thrive on your idea and it matters to us as much as it does to you.

Below are some of the solutions and services we offer to help you establish and run your core business

Consulting Services

We learnt, practiced and mastered doing business, establishing and running a team, a company. We learnt Finance, Marketing, Cloud, Technology and now use it to mentor, advise and help SMBs

ERP Services| Business Advisory | Learning & Development

Radix Delivery Model

We have a partnership and delivery model that would suit anyone who believes in his business idea. you can count on us through out your journey from inception to prosperity.

BOT Model |  Project | SaaS Product & Platform| Partnership| Incubation Lab

Radix Idea Factory

Innovation is one of the the core belief of our company and we not only encourage our colleagues and partners to nurture and work on their ideas but also greatly incentivise them.

Radix Field sense | Rx Camp |Radix HR Pay| Radix Sanchay App| Radix Marketplace