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Values @ Tech Radix

We believe that value creation starts from our employees and EMPLOYEE-FIRST is the core belief at Tech Radix. We care for our people so that they can be their best. We join hand to build a culture of trust, freedom and innovation and believe in building a workplace where people want to come every day with a smile and experience happiness and joy while they create value for others.

  • Employee-First
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Entrepreneurial

Our Vision

In Your Dreams Lies Our Dreams,  Your Dreams are Our Reality.

What We Offer

If you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur or a professional and want a partner, ally or support who can help maintain your focus on your business, your idea, you can contact us.

We offer end to end services whether you want to road test, launch or operate your business idea. We will fill the gap, the need, through our customized solution for you. We have expertise and software, infrastructure and tools to help you in any phase of your business. We are not a typical outsourcing company, we live, breathe and thrive on your idea and it matters to us as much as it does to you.

Below are some of the solutions and services we offer to help you establish and run your core business

Our Team

The founding team of Tech Radix consists of industry veterans and Gen Z newbies. The veteran founders bring in decades of experience building technology products and solutions. They have more than 100 years of total experience in building technology and business solutions. They have worked across the world and have served thousands of customers across various geographies.

While our newbies, the Gen Z founders bring the energy, enthusiasm, disruptive thinking, and the dare to dream attitude. As they say, the best results come when people of complementary skills join hands and challenge the status quo. That’s our belief and reason behind such a unique mix of diverse founding members.

We first choose to taste what’s on the menu and then serve the dish. We ourselves have lived and experienced what we try to offer to our customers. Our diverse experience and idea factory brings specialized skills in sales, marketing, business development, software development, R&D, product development along with the idea generation machinery and the spirit to understand, shortlist and churn compelling ideas continuously.

We are a bunch of crazy people who want to break all the rules to build unique businesses. We are a bit nitpicky but are always on the lookout for people who have disruptive ideas. If you are one of them and are ready to accept the challenge of being a founding member, come, connect with us.