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Staffing, Learning & Development

There is huge shortage of IT talent in the industry right now specially after Covid-19. Coincidentally, on the other hand there are lots of young talented individuals who have acquired new technology skills and are looking out for an opportunity in this space. Most of such talented individuals are ignored by the industry because they are not experienced, groomed well, unskilled in the right technology or have communication challenges. No business is willing to take the first step to give a break to such individuals, train them, mentor them so that they can impart value for mutually growing professional journey.

Our Intern2(L)earn program is carefully crafted to engage with and take forward these sections of talented pool of GenZ newbies which have been left behind. We specifically pick people who other organizations miss out on, we train them, groom them, give them real projects and eventually absorb them as part of our exceptional talent pool.

Our Vision

We aspire to bridge the skill and resource gap in the software industry and better align the academia to the industry.